Our Awesome Reviews

Dr. Chew and his staff were friendly and helpful. As a first time patient, he did an X ray and a cleaning. This took just under an hour, and his assistant even set an alarm to check on my car if the parking meter was going to run out (It didn’t). His tech gadgets are cool – the X ray was easy and painless (Some places make me put pieces in my mouth and take a dozen or so different pictures at different angles, this machine allowed me to stay still while the camera moved around me, and I didn’t have to put anything in my mouth). He also used a device that measures tooth decay via lasers apparently. Unfortunately I ended up with 3 cavities (My first), which is a bummer, but better to find them now than when they’re problematic. The cleaning itself was great – he uses the manual metal scrapers to do the work, which I enjoy way more than the ultrasonic devices I’ve had in the past. OH, and he was on time for our appointment – that’s huge points for me.
— Bobby B., San Francisco, CA
I had a terrible experience with my previous dentist who overcharged me and recommended several costly procedures that I didn’t feel I needed. I decided to seek out a 2nd opinion/dentist. I live in the neighborhood and decided to check out a dentist that was conveniently located for a cleaning. I walked down the street and saw several offices on the block. Dr. Chew’s office was very clean and well lit, so I walked in and inquired about appointments. The office manager was extremely kind, personable, and made me feel very welcome. Dr. Chew was very personable, too, and made me feel very comfortable as if I’d been going to him for years. The cleaning experience was thorough and educational. He also told me I didn’t need these other procedures, but simply to brush differently and more consciously with several techniques. After a month of brushing the way he recommended, my gums are in waaaaay better shape. I’m definitely going to make this my regular dentist!
Patrick C., San Francisco, CA
Dr. Chew Ka-Wing is a kind, brilliant, experienced (38 years) Diamond-Certified gem of a dentist tucked away inside a clean, highly sophisticated and well equipped nest and worth the bus ride if you are looking for a dentist that will tell you the truth and give you options without pressure. He has two assistants: Toby and Mabel, who are youthful, helpful, kind and smart. No attitude here. My teeth have been repeatedly destroyed by many a SF dentist out to cash in on my trust and ignorance of how teeth affect speech, bite, the ability to chew, and the cracking of other teeth when not properly sized and placed. Dr. Chew explained full mouth options as well as options that allow me to present well that are solid yet not so costly. I just graduated with an MA in Education and expect to train others in my new career, and I certainly don’t want a lisp in my articulation. How would I know that prior work set the stage for this possibility? Thank goodness, I am finally in good hands. While Dr. Chew speaks English as a second language, his ability to communicate complex situations remains clear. I look forward to my new front teeth in 2016.
Debra N., San Francisco, CA